You’ve probably experienced walking down the road and being stopped in your tracks, jaw dropping to the ground when you spot a home that is incredibly stunning. Occasional it’s a huge mansion but sometimes it’s just a small house, that just has that all important ‘curb appeal’.

But how have they created this amazing curb appeal? While of course spending lots of money on expert home designers will help, there are many ways you can create the wow factor for your home on a budget. Let’s take a look at some simple ways to boost your new homes curb appeal, without breaking the bank.

Revamp Your Entranceway

Your front door is one of the first things people will see and your first chance to make an impression. Some ideas to stand out are; a customised door, statement lighting, pretty manicured plant holders and floor lamps strategically placed. Bright accents on your door and nearby window frames is another emerging trend that will set your home apart from the rest.

Manicure the Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a front garden, keeping it maintained will vastly improve your homes charm. If you don’t have much time, general upkeep like mowing the lawn and pruning back weeds will suffice. But if you have time, landscaping the front garden will really improve its curb appeal. Some ideas are; lining the pathway with potted flowering plants, having a water feature and strategically placing small trees.

Add in Unique Details

Details really do matter and will set your home apart from the rest. And it doesn’t have to be expensive to add a little flair to your homes entranceway. Save cash while adding inviting elements to your front yard space with repurposed wooden benches, antique pots, watering cans and large patterned vases. You could even create your own house number or post box for a real eye catching statement.

Transform Window Frames and Paintwork

Gone are the days of trying to fit in – standing out with bright, head turning colours is the way forwards! Choose a colour you love and paint the front door and window frames nearby the same colour. This creates cohesion, but also adds a little unique flair to your entranceway.

Hide the Bins

If you have enough space, hiding the bins in a lockable bin storage is a great idea. Not only will it look nicer, but the bins will be protected from nighttime visitors. Check online for ‘bin storage’ or make your own out of reclaimed pieces of wood.

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