Over the year’s Australian home styles have developed in leaps and bounds. 2020 has seen homes being defined by energy efficiency, new smart building technologies and the want for simple, unique designs. While modern life may stay chaotic, new home owners are wanting to escape the craziness and go home to a de-cluttered, minimalist space. Here are 6 modern and emerging home design trends.

Automated Smart Homes

In Australia and the rest of the world, smart home automation is on the rise. We all want convenience and smart automation gives us this, while also improving energy efficiency. Items in your home like blinds, lights, appliances, security, heating, the TV and much more can be controlled with smart platforms or even your phone.

Improved Use of Outdoor Space

While the average size of a house built is decreasing each year, new ways of improving the space you have is on the rise including the outdoor space. Some ways to achieve relaxing, beautiful outdoor spaces with little room is to have a vertical wall garden, furniture with slim legs or no arms and choose fabrics and light colours that open up the area.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Conserving water and keeping energy efficient is at the forefront of many Australians minds. This will seriously influence the design of new homes in 2020 and beyond. Building regulations are coming into force pushing green building practices, which will increase home energy efficiency.

Unique Construction Methods

One big change in the design of new homes is actually where they’re being built. Many new parts of homes are actually being constructed in factories. This allows more time for the testing of quality, helping to eradicate poor house design.

Antique Meets Contemporary

Old vintage styles and modern contemporary ones have always been popular. But the next new thing sees homeowners merging the old with the new and having the best of both worlds. So, let your unique style take over and mix earthy hues with modern furniture and a boho rug or two.

Hamptons Style Aesthetics

While the classic blue and white stripes and fresh look of the Hamptons style has been a favourite for the last decade, it’ll stay popular with a slight evolution. Green and mustard hues are rising in popularity and also the merging of styles to create a twist on the usual Hamptons look.

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