Commercial Shed

Commercial Sheds in Lismore are a smart addition for any business owner. They are affordable and efficient to build, have many uses, are adaptable and bring a great return on investment. Commercial sheds can be used as offices, storage, extra outbuildings, as a workshop or even divided up for multiple uses.

Normal commercial buildings often cost a lot more to construct and are not as versatile as the shed variety. AGS Commercial build commercial sheds, DIY sheds, barn sheds, farm sheds and much more. Let’s take a look at the many advantages a commercial shed has over a regular commercial building.

Cost-Effective and Fast to Construct

Building a normal commercial building is time consuming, costly and quite a difficult process. Constructing a commercial shed is quite the opposite. An expert commercial shed builder will have a range of sheds to suit your budget and time constraints. You can even choose a flat pack shed, which is designed to be affordable and to be constructed easily, even by someone with little experience.

Great Investment Increasing the Value of Your Business

Commercial sheds will significantly increase the value of your business over a normal commercial outbuilding. This is because commercial sheds are very versatile, being an attractive option for anyone who may rent or buy your business in the future.

Very Sturdy and Resistant

Choosing AGS Commercial for your custom built shed in Lismore, means you’ll get a sturdy and beautifully designed structure. Choose from a variety of secure windows and doors, different wall claddings, a customised roof and many other features for your commercial shed. Each shed is made to last and resist harsh Australian weather conditions.

Versatile and Easy to Convert

You can choose a shed for any intended use including; a farm shed, industrial shed, a barn style shed, a flat pack shed and a commercial shed to use as an office or even second living space. You could even have a multi-use commercial shed, part with an office and part storage space. The only limit to what you can do with your shed, is in your imagination. Sheds are also easy to convert. So maybe you use your shed as a barn shed for 10 years and then when you sell your business, it can be converted into a hobby space or office for the next person.

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