match shed to house

When adding a new shed or outbuilding to your property, it’s imperative you match it in some way with your home. If you don’t, your new shed structure may look a little out of place. New outbuildings include; a barn shed, industrial shed, a garage, a hobby shed, a second dwelling or a custom built shed you plan to use as a granny flat.

Take a little time to enhance the details of your new shed. Details matter and add character. If you get it right, you’ll love your shed for years to come. Get it wrong and it may become an eyesore which you want to tear down. Here are five simple ways to match your new shed to your house.

Attach an Awning

Awnings are stylish and functional adding a flash of colour and protecting you from the elements. If you are using your new shed as a granny flat or hobby shed, an awning is extremely beneficial to extend the useful outdoor space. Purchase your awning in a colour that matches your home for a tied together look.

Coordinate Colours

The colour scheme of your shed will make or break it. If you want complete unity, paint it the same colour as your home. If you like a more minimalist look, paint the window frames and trim to match a colour on your house. The goal here is to have at least one colour that ties the two buildings together.

Add a Front Porch

A cute little porch on your custom built shed gives it a distinct style and a place for you to sit in the evening. If your house has a porch also, this will bring the two architectural styles together. When using your shed as a flat or playhouse for the kids, they can enjoy fresh air on the unique porch area.

Match One Feature

To create a coherent look between your home and custom shed, try matching one feature from each. Some examples are; having the same style of windows, same coloured door, a matching roof or even matching plants either side of the front door. If your main home is finished with a modern look or a cottage look, do the same for your outbuilding.

Outdoor Décor

Creating a mini deck or patio and styling it the same as your home, pull the two together. Plan a deck that runs the length of the shed and arrange seats, tables, lights and a BBQ if you have space. Think about matching furniture and ornaments with your home. Once finished, your new shed should be perfectly in sync with your house and be a beautiful space to hang out.

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