Custom built sheds can have many uses for commercial and residential properties. If you own a farm, you may need an extra barn style shed to store equipment or livestock in. A farm shed can also be turned into an extra stock room, office or even an onsite flat for staff.

Custom sheds can be designed to be used as commercial buildings for your business, with as much or as little space as you need. Large sheds can be used as warehouses and can be designed to suit any budget, requirement and application.

Sheds can be used as secondary dwellings to home elderly parents or as a holiday home. Shed houses are fast becoming an affordable living option for families and young couples looking to get their foot on the ladder of owning their own home. If you have a little more cash to play with, we can design a unique modern, sleek and stylish custom home dwelling, that’ll be the envy of your neighbours!

Custom Built Commercial Sheds

Commercial sheds and industrial sheds can both be customised to suit your exact needs. Whether you need a small outbuilding or a large industrial warehouse, we can design and build it to your exact budget and applications.

We can produce a range of commercial buildings to be used as; service stations, showrooms, retail buildings, service stations, public buildings, retail buildings, offices or any other uses you have in mind. Each commercial shed will be customised to your unique requirements, just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Residential Sheds and Shed Houses

Residential sheds are an ingenious way of extending your living space or even adding a secondary dwelling to your property for visiting friends or family. We can uniquely build out your residential shed with a modern designs and full fit outs of all the modern appliances you could possibly need.

If you’re looking to actually buy your own first home, an industrial looking shed dwelling is an affordable option with the choice of a modern or more traditional design. You tell us how much space you need and what you want to spend – we’ll literally design it to your specific needs and budget.

Farm Sheds and Barn Style Sheds

We specialise in creating barn style sheds and farm sheds to suit your exact space and design preferences. Large or small, open fronted, multiple floors, roller doors, awnings and a range of colours – you tell us. We can add in extra security if you plan on keeping expensive equipment inside and create farm sheds to suit all budgets.

Garages and Carports

We can build custom built garages to fit your cars, trucks, equipment and all of them at once if you need! You can specify to us the types of doors and amount of windows needed and we can customise it to your style and colour preferences. Freestanding carports and awnings are also a budget friendly, popular option for car owners wanting to protect their vehicles from the harsh Australian weather conditions.

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