Shed Position

Consider These Shed Placement Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Shed

When you have chosen your ideal barn shed, farm shed, industrial shed or unique custom built shed in Lismore, you’ll want to make sure you get it built in the ideal spot on your property. Get this decision wrong and your shed maybe be more of a cumbrance rather than a useful addition to your life.

Sheds are great to have on any property to give your business a place to keep equipment, or as extra storage space for a large family. You can even have a residential shed built, to accommodate visiting friends and family. Whatever shed you choose for yourself, consider these points below to get the most out of your shed.


Have a think about what you intend to use your shed for. If it’ll be home to large vehicles, you’ll have to consider that you need enough of a turning circle out in front the of the barn shed. If it will be home to caravans or boats, you may need an even larger space out front. If it will be home to expensive equipment, maybe you’ll want the door facing your home. How tall will the shed be – you won’t want it to block valuable hours of sunshine over crops or a garden?


A quality shed will stand the test of time but it also needs to be looked after. Your shed will last longer if it’s kept away from particular wet areas, so consider this if you have sprinkler systems set up somewhere. Consider where trees are placed as well, low hanging branches can scrape against your custom built shed and over time will wear down paintwork if not careful.

View and Aesthetics

Have a think about the view your shed will create from all angles. Will it block your view of something or the view of your neighbours who might get angry about this? Do you want your shed to blend in with the surroundings or stand out more? If the placement of your shed is not considered carefully, it could end up creating an eye-sore and a heap of frustration for neighbours which will just cause you grief.

The Level of the Ground

It is possible to build your shed on sloped ground, but this may require a little more effort and cost on the part of the shed experts. Have a check of the ground around your property to see if the earth has any significant sloping, humps or bumps.

Council Regulations

Before you begin any type of shed construction, you’ll need to be aware of; council requirements, regulations regarding bushfire prone land, boundaries/easements and exemptions. They’ll want to know the intended use for your shed and you’ll need to know the rules so you don’t build your shed and suddenly find out you need to pull it down, due to it not being in line with council regulations. Check with your local shed installation experts in the Northern Rivers area for more information.