Getting the perfect commercial shed built for your business, will provide protective storage facilities for many years to come, giving you a great return on your investment. If you make the wrong choice, you could be stuck with an industrial shed that isn’t the right size, doesn’t stand up to the local weather conditions and therefore ends up to be a money drain. Let’s take a look at some of the top factors to consider when building a commercial shed in Lismore;

The Function of your Shed

The function of your shed will affect all other choices like size, location and materials used to build. Will your commercial shed be home to a range of heavy equipment and is there potential you’ll expand and buy more equipment in the future? Does your business deal with corrosive gases or high amounts of salt? All of these factors need to be considered and will affect how your industrial shed is built.

Size of Your Custom Built Shed

You need to take into consideration space needs today and after possible growth and expansion in the future. How many workers will be using the commercial shed at any one time and what equipment, supplies and tools will be stored there? Your industrial shed can be customised to a range of length, width and height specifications and remember you need to check up on local council laws to see what planning permission you may need.

Use Quality, Durable Materials

Your custom built shed may have to face up to searing heat, rain, storms and strong winds in its lifetime, therefore it needs to be made of top grade, durable materials. Conventional sheet metal can have a short lifespan and you need to opt for high quality sheet metal with top of the range protective materials coating it. Also, consider whether the roof of your commercial shed will need to bear extreme loads like mechanical hoists or mounted rails. Talk with your commercial shed installation expert to ensure you use the right materials for your needs.

Where to Build Your Industrial Shed

The chosen location for your shed needs to be large enough to accommodate the shed itself, but also parking and unloading areas. If you’re working with big trucks, these machines need enough room to maneuver safely and staff need enough room to park. Local planning permissions will need to be researched, as this could restrict how big and how high you can make your commercial shed. Is there easy access to a main road or transport and is there drainage systems in place on the site you intend to build on?

After taking all the above factors into consideration, you can talk with your commercial shed installation expert to make a plan. AGS Commercial are always on hand to talk over your shed building needs.

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