Shed houses or livable sheds are fast becoming a popular way to live. Offering rustic charm, extra space, flexibility and affordability, it’s easy to see why. Some shed dwellings are converted from a previously used shed and some are built from scratch.

DIY sheds or flat pack sheds can be built by the new owner in a matter of hours. And small sized sheds can even be transported on the back of a trailer, allowing you the flexibility to move around when you feel like it. Affordability is another big draw to the shed living lifestyle, giving new home owners the possibility to have their own home without breaking the bank.

Popular Uses for Livable Sheds

Shed houses are affordable living solutions whether you need extra room for relatives, to store personal items or to use as an office. Livable sheds can be custom built to suit your size needs and budget. Some popular uses include;

  • Home offices
  • Granny flat
  • Man cave
  • Kids playroom
  • Hobby room
  • Storage for excess equipment
  • Teenagers retreat
  • Alternative accommodation
  • First, affordable home

Why Convert a Shed into a Home?

Maybe you have an old farm shed, barn style shed or commercial shed that is no longer used or fit for purpose? Instead of knocking the building down, it can be repurposed into a livable shed. There are many other benefits to converting a shed into a home;

  • Cost-effective housing solution. Buying a new house costs anywhere from $100K+ but a shed can be converted from around $5K
  • Can be built fast. Small shed homes can be built or converted pretty quickly. A normal home can take thousands of hours to build, while a shed home may take a few days depending on the size
  • Anyone can build a DIY shed. Even with minimal building skills, the average person can build a DIY or flat pack shed which comes with in-depth instructions
  • Less taxing and expenses. Shed dwellings generally incur less taxation and expenses compared to the average house
  • Convenient extra living space. A shed dwelling is ideal as an extra guest room, a home office, storage space or as a way to earn rental money

3 Best Sheds to Live in Australia

Affordable living shed houses are perfect as a weekender home or as a first property. AGS Commercial provide custom built sheds in Lismore and the Northern Rivers according to budget, style preferences and functionality requirements.

  1. Affordable Living (Shed Houses)

Great for weekender or first homes, shed houses are an affordable option which can be chosen in a contemporary or traditional design.

  1. Farm/Barn Style Sheds

Convert an old farm shed or have a barn style shed built to your customisations. Choose from open front, mezzanine floors and an unlimited choice of windows, colours, roller doors, awnings and gutters according to your budget.

  1. Secondary Dwellings

Built compact with an efficient use of space and complete functionality, secondary dwellings are ideal as granny flats, offices, a holiday home, for visitors or as a children’s space.

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