2020 was a year where we all got to know our homes a little better. Being locked inside changed how we used our homes including where we work, exercise and relax. This has spurred many of us to re-design our living spaces from the furniture we choose, the materials and styles and re-arranging spaces to be used for multiple activities.

2021 promises to see multiple new house design trends. Many of these may help inspire when you start a new renovation, custom house build or home makeover. Let’s take a look at five stylish new home design trends emerging this year.

Living Spaces with Hygiene in Mind

Hygiene is now at the forefront of everyone’s mind after seeing how easily Covid spread around the world. This has led to the want for better ways to keep our living spaces fresh and clean. Some ideas in the making include; touch-less toilet flushing, automatic wash basins, infrared sensors in bathrooms to reduce touching of light switches and even voice activated appliances in the kitchen.

Multi-Purpose Home Layouts

A home needs to adapt with a growing family and the need to do different activities like working, exercising and entertaining. Home designers are now considering multi-purpose rooms that can be switched up easily depending on the activity. Things like semi-permanent walls, sliding doors and extra storage space to conceal more equipment are being considered.

Access to Outdoor Spaces

If you made it through lockdown, without an outdoor space – well done to you! Many now consider an outdoor space the most important upgrade and a non-negotiable when buying a new home. New home builders are factoring this into their plans, making many of their new designs include a connection with nature.

Environmentally Friendly Furniture

Environmentally minded home owners will love biodesign furniture. Biodesign is the process of creating furniture and things from re-cycled waste or fermented fungi and bacteria. While it might sound pretty weird, humans have actually used this process for years to make alcohol and pasteurize milk for example. Through advances in technology, biodesign is now a $13.4-billion-dollar industry with designers making objects like clothes, shoes, lights and home furniture.

Grandmillenial Decorating Style

Being locked indoors has made many millennials sick at staring at white walls. This has spurred the revival of ‘grandma chic’ which includes past traditional styles like micro florals, chintz, wicker and cane furniture, patterned wallpaper, antique decor and fringing. This new style has been dubbed ‘Grandmillenial style’, so have a rummage through your grandparent’s cupboards for a little inspiration.

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