Taking care of your vehicles helps to preserve their value and keep them running for an extended period of time. But, not many homes have a garage available, which means cars are left outdoors in harsh weather conditions.

A top alternative is to build a carport or awning onto the side of your property. These provide shade and actually add value to your home if you ever decide to sell in the future. Here are five ways you can benefit from installing a carport on your property.

Protection from Harsh Weather

If left outside in the sun, a car can become a dangerous hotbox that is extremely uncomfortable to get into. Wind, rain and hail can also be damaging to paintwork. A custom made carport is the answer, keeping your car shaded from the sun and protected from flying debris and pounding rain when the weather turns.

A Variety of Versatile Uses

Need more space to store different items? Get a carport built that has room for your bicycles, lawn mower and hobby materials. And, when you need extra space for a family get together, turn your carport into a BBQ and entertainment space. Carports are extremely versatile, allowing you to use them in different ways as you please.

Protection from Vandalism

Car theft is usually an opportunistic crime. Thieves are much more likely to target cars left on the street, than near to a property under a carport. While a carport is open at the sides, this is enough to deter criminals, who would go for an easier option. Plus, the openness can be a benefit, allowing you to keep an eye on your car from inside the home.

Easy and Convenient

A carport allows easy and convenient access for your vehicle. No need to open and close doors – just drive in and out as you please. This is extremely convenient when you’re loaded up with shopping bags and other items from your vehicle.

Extremely Energy Efficient

Carports are more energy efficient than garages. You don’t have to worry about electricity bills for lights, electric door openers and other such gadgets. A carport is a way to reduce your monthly energy costs and lower your carbon footprint. Metal carports don’t need excessive amounts of wood, which also means they will resist bug attacks and last longer.

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