Are you planning to sell your property soon? Or, maybe you just want to make what you have more comfortable? Either way, there are many simple ways to add value to your home and get more out of what you have.

Some are simple quick fixes you can do yourself and others will need the help of a residential construction team. However, all will boost your homes appeal and help it sell for a higher price when the rimes right.

1.Convert the Garage into a Secondary Dwelling

Is your garage sat empty most of the time? Then why not convert it into a secondary dwelling and use it for family visits or as a lucrative rental. The first step is to apply for planning permission with the local authority. If you get the go ahead, a professional construction team like AGS can take your idea from concept to completion.

2.Update the Plumbing and Electrics

Rewiring and re-plumbing, is a disruptive project, but will add value to your home. It’s best to get this done before you start cosmetic jobs like re-painting, in case any cracks need painting over. A potential buyer will see the value of updated plumbing and electrics, knowing it will save them money on repairs in the long run.

3.Give the Garden a Makeover

A landscaped and well-kept garden seriously ups the curb appeal of a home. It adds value and increases the appeal for potential buyers. Not only this, but it’ll be an oasis for you to relax in during the summer months and a great place to have friends over for a BBQ.

4.Fix Any Structural Issues

A house with structural issues will have its value seriously impacted. If your house needs a lot of work done, a potential buyer won’t want to pay a high price. Add future value by paying to have structural and safety issues dealt with as soon as possible. Examples of structural issues to take care of include:

  • Rising damp
  • Cracks in walls
  • Missing tiles and leaky roofs
  • Bowing walls
  • Unstable chimney stack
  • Rotten roof timbers or joists
  • Insect infestation
  • Collapsed or cracked flooring

5.Paint the Interior and Exterior of Your Home

A new lick of paint is the easiest way to give your home a makeover. Old, peeling paint, can put off potential buyers and give the impression a home hasn’t been looked after. Painting the outside of your home gives a layer of protection from the elements and improves curb appeal. Updating the inside, protects doors and walls, plus it minimises damage from moisture and daily wear and tear.

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