Steel Sheds

Sheds can be used for many purposes in Lismore including for farming purposes, storing equipment, keeping vehicles in, for commercial purposes and even as a temporary or full-time dwelling. Maybe you need a granny flat to keep an ageing relative nearby, or you just want extra space to house friends when they visit. Whatever your reason for needing a shed, they are an adaptable, affordable option.

It’s imperative you consult your local council and follow their regulations before you get started building your new shed. Otherwise you could risk having to tear it down if it doesn’t follow regulations. Some types of shed that can be converted into dwellings are;

  • DIY sheds
  • Flat pack sheds
  • Barn style sheds
  • Custom built sheds
  • A converted steel shed

The Benefits of Living in a Shed House

Deciding to live in a shed yourself or having a shed built as an extra dwelling for guests has many benefits. It can be made to your exact specifications and is a great investment.

  • It’s cost effective. While having a new house built can take costs into the 100s of thousands, building a shed dwelling can be done for under 10,000. You can even save more costs if you fancy a bit of DIY yourself and opt for a DIY shed or a flat pack shed, which you can put together yourself. Of course, you would have to pay an expert to fit the inside out to make it habitable.
  • It’s less time consuming to build than a house. Because they are generally smaller, more compact dwellings, they take a lot less time to build. A shed home can be worked on in the evenings and weekends and be finished in a few hundred hours rather than the thousands of hours needed to build a house.
  • Less hassle with permits, taxes, bills and unwanted expenses. A custom built shed in Lismore only requires minimal maintenance costs after the initial building expense. Taxes will be charged on the worth of your home, so with your shed being of lower value than a large home, your shed will be taxed at a lower rate.
  • Can be used as additional living space, as a guest room or even as a long term dwelling. Instead of spending thousands adding another room onto your home, a shed dwelling is an ideal option to give you extra space for guests, as an extra living room or as a games room for the kids. It gives you that extra space you need, without breaking the bank.