Are you in two minds about having an office fit-out? Whether you’re a new business, or an established one, an office fit-out is a great way to move things forward.

Office fit-outs are ideal to improve old premises and to get new premises exactly how you want them. Here’s some of the main reasons an office fit-out will benefit your business.

Increase Office Space

As your business grows, space may become cramped. This will impact employees health and safety. Enough space is needed to move around desks and in communal areas. The right office space planning and fit-out, gives your office the space it needs.

Create a Healthy Workspace

Employees need quality work stations with desks at the right height and chairs ergonomically shaped to support their bodies. If not, long work hours can impact health and cause injuries which means time off work. Solve this problem with an office fit-out that includes ergonomically designed work stations.

Expand Your Business

If your business is growing, first of all congratulations! The only downside is that the office space you have, may not be able to keep up with the new influx of staff. Office re-location is an obvious answer, but an experienced commercial construction company in Lismore may be able to expand and transform your office.

Downsize Your Business

If your business is taking a new path, downsizing could be on the cards. Find a smaller commercial space and have an office fit-out to accommodate your new business needs. This makes way more sense than staying in a large office, with high rental and overhead costs.


Have you renamed your business? Or did a graphic designer create you a new logo with a different colour scheme? If yes, now is the time to update your office space to reflect your brand. You don’t have to go over the top. But, an office fit-out can add hints of your brand colours throughout for a professional look.

Increase Staff Morale and Productivity

Office fit-outs not only make the company look good, but they increase staff morale and productivity. If employees are sitting in a dull, dusty and drab office all day, this isn’t going to do much for the mood. A splash of paint, new desks and modern equipment make employees life easier and will enhance their mood. This in turn increases productivity and helps to improve your bottom line.

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