Shed Office

Having an office is an essential part of running any business. Your office may be a spare room in your home or you might have a whole building dedicated to your office. But, have you ever thought of setting up your office in a steel shed? A shed office could be ideal, keeping you away from the distractions of home life or a buzzing, large office building.

A shed office can be created on a budget, styled to your exact needs and can give you that much needed extra work space. Here’s how to set up your shed office so it fits your exact needs.

Purchase the Right Shed or Clear Out a Current Shed

If you already have a decent sized farm shed, commercial shed or backyard shed, this can be converted into your new office. Clear out all unneeded equipment and give the space a good clean. You may be spending many hours in this new shed office, so maybe even get professional cleaners in.

If you don’t already own a shed in Lismore, do some research and make a purchase. AGS Commercial can supply you with a huge range of custom styled sheds. If you’re watching the bank balance, this can be done affordably by opting for a DIY shed or a flat pack shed.

Fit The Right Lighting

Getting the right lighting in your shed office is essential, allowing you to concentrate while working. If you’re converting a barn shed, this may have quite strong fluorescent light strips which can be overbearing. Consider changing these for a lighting that encourages productivity like dimmers, floor lighting or zone lighting.

Insulate Your Shed Office

You’ll likely use your shed office year round and insulation will help to regulate temperature keeping it comfortable. Insulation also protects your shed structure from moisture build up and extreme weather conditions.

Customise Your Shed with Paint, Flooring and Décor

If your budget stretches to it, installing quality hardwood flooring will enhance your shed office and aid with insulation. A fresh coat of paint will not only improve your shed aesthetics, but will boost your concentration and productivity levels. And lastly, adding in the right furniture, equipment and a few plants will have your shed office looking awesome.

Secure Your Shed Office from Intruders

Intruders can come in the form of human plus rodent, bug and snake. Most average sheds are not designed to keep the small little nuisances out, but using your shed as an office, you won’t want bugs and rodents running over your desk. Invest in a good retroseal product to solve this problem.

To keep human intruders out, ensure you invest in a high quality secure shed door and lock. Security cameras placed in view are another way to deter potential break ins. Talk to the team at AGS Commercial, who can advise you on the best shed security options.

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