Are you building a new home or secondary dwelling? This is an exciting time, but it comes with many decisions to make. Where will you build? What design features and functional fittings do you want? And, will you choose open plan living?

In the past, rooms tended to be cut off with walls, making them easier to heat. Today, open-concept homes are becoming popular, bringing light, air and a feeling of spaciousness, even into small spaces. Here are five reasons to choose open floor plans for your new build.

Make Small Homes Feel Larger

If you plan to build a small home, open plan living areas give the illusion that a space is larger than it is. Less walls open up lines of sight and take up less space, so you have more room to enjoy your home. You can even create a natural flow from inside to outside, with large patio doors and a covered outdoor garden area.

Lighter and Airier Living Spaces

Separated rooms do create shadows and darker corners. By removing walls, light and air can flow freely throughout the home. In the summer months this allows a breeze to move about, keeping you cooler. And, open plan allows light to bounce around, keeping you energised well into the evening. If you work at home, this is a real plus.

Encourage a Feeling of Togetherness

Open-concept homes create a large common area, allowing you to see and feel near to your family, even when not doing an activity together. Homes with many walls, do tend to close off family members from each other, eliminating the feeling of togetherness.

Better Energy Efficiency

Another top benefit of open plan homes is improved energy efficiency. The increased natural light flow in the home, cuts down the need to use artificial lighting so much. Plus, open plan areas tend to be easier to heat and cool, cutting down utility bills.

Easier to Entertain Guests

If you love having guests over, but often get stuck in the kitchen away from everyone preparing food, open plan living is the answer. This type of home offers interconnected spaces with zero barriers, so you can chat to guests even while in the kitchen. This makes entertaining a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

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