Whether you have a small farm with a few animals or a large agricultural enterprise, AGS Commercial can design, build and install the perfect farm shed for you. They are specialists in building farm sheds, industrial sheds, barn sheds and a host of other types of shed depending on a client’s requirements.

You can choose from a range of designs and sizes to suit your operation. Each farm shed is built to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring all your equipment and precious livestock will be protected. Each custom built farm shed is built to withstand all weather conditions and will be fitted to high security standards. You could even opt for a flat pack shed if you’d like to take on your own building project.

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Livestock Facilities

Keeping your livestock healthy and protected is vital when running a farm and this can depend on them having a sturdy, quality farm shed to live in. Your farm shed can be customised to suit the amount of livestock you have, the type of animals, their needs and the amount of space they require to be comfortable.

Some of the typical farm sheds are; poultry sheds, livestock sheds, equine arenas and dairy farming sheds.  A customised farm shed can be designed and built to not only home your animals, but also your feed storage, farm equipment and office space. You can also opt for multiple sheds to house different parts of your farming operation.

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Maybe you own a farming business and you need a workshop to use as office space, a car garage or as a working space to build/work on projects. You can have a custom shed built to any height, length or width and fitted out with any type of equipment you need. If you need extra storage space for equipment, just say and this can be added into the design plan.

You could opt for a multi-use shed like a half office and half car garage, or half a workshop and half equipment storage. Try to think how you can get the best use out of each shed space and talk with the experts at AGS Commercial if you need help with your custom shed design.

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Equipment Storage

Have a custom built shed designed to house your equipment and farming vehicles safely inside. If you’re a big operation you’re going to need a large space to fit tractors, cars and vans in and you’ll need space around the building to maneuver these vehicles.

If you’re a smaller operation, you need to think to the future and even though you may not have much equipment now, do you plan to expand? Think of your future plans and growth targets and factor these in to your custom shed build. Opting for more space now, will save you money down the line having to have a completely new shed built.

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