Whether you own a farm, a business or a property and need a customised shed, a DIY shed can be a good option to keep costs low. Flat pack sheds in Lismore, can be delivered to your exact specs, budget and required timeframe. AGS Commercial offer the best sheds in the Northern Rivers and have over 29 years in the business.

You can have a shed designed and built in any style you need. Choose your size, door and window types, whether you need mezzanine floors, colour, awnings, eaves and gutters etc. Farm sheds, barn style sheds, commercial sheds or industrial sheds are all specialties of AGS Commercial. They will deliver your shed flat packed or offer a professional team to build it for you.

What are the Advantages of a Flat Pack Shed?

Running a farm or industrial business is hard work. You’ll likely have a lot going on in your daily life. A customised flat pack shed will help to organise and protect your business.

  • A shed will protect your equipment and machinery
  • Perishable food can be stored in a shed
  • Hay will stay in pristine condition and last longer
  • Farm animals will have protection from the elements and stay calmer
  • A commercial shed can double up as an office
  • Customised sheds can be made in any size or shape and have extra floors added in
  • Flat pack sheds are highly customisable and can be built to your budget

Questions to Ask Before Ordering a DIY Shed Lismore

Before ordering your custom designed shed in Lismore, talk to the team at AGS. There are a few factors you should consider before you order a shed. Ask these questions;

  • Check that your custom flat pack shed will be engineered to Australian engineering standards
  • Ask what warranty there is on the shed
  • Talk with your chosen shed specialists to see if they offer a repair service
  • Can they help with moving your shed in the future?
  • Will there be any after ordering assistance if you need help?
  • Is there a money back guarantee if you change your mind?

Once you have all this information, you can order your DIY shed. AGS Commercial can provide you with all this information and more when you contact them. Offering a huge range of residential, commercial and DIY sheds, you’ll find the shed you need with AGS.