When decorating a new home, colour choices can make or break the space. Get it wrong and a room can seem uninviting and drab. Get it right and your home will feel welcoming and comfortable. A colour palette can even have a dramatic effect on the perceived value of your home.

So, now we know that colour choices are important, how do we choose the right colour scheme? Let’s explore seven rules that will help you choose the right colour palette for your home.

Go for Layers

Using layers helps you to build up to an ideal colour scheme. Start with a neutral backdrop on the walls such as cream, grey, beige or white and then you can introduce colour into a space with accessories, wall art, curtains, rugs and cushions. One or two accent colours will bring a little vibrancy and personality, without being overbearing.

Test Before You Commit

Still not sure what colour to paint the walls? Grab some test pots with your preferred colours in and paint onto small squares of card. Walk around the room and hold these cards against the walls, in different light conditions, to see which one feels best.

Think How You Will Use a Space

How you use a space will change the colour options hugely. For example, the colour you paint a bedroom will vary compared to how you paint a kitchen. The room you sleep in needs to have a calming, tranquil feel, while the kitchen should be fresh and inviting.

Avoid Following Trends

While it’s tempting to follow the latest interior design trend on Pinterest, fads can often pass quickly and feel a little dated. The last thing you want, is to have to repaint the walls a year later, because you suddenly don’t like them. If you must use a trend colour, introduce them through room accents and accessories which can be switched up easily.

Consider Permanent Features

What colours do you have in the room already? If you have features that will stay such as a sofa or painted skirting boards, consider what colour scheme will fit in seamlessly with these.

Choose Major Items First

If you plan to makeover the whole room, choose large items such as carpet, artwork, sofas and curtains first. Once you have these, you can build your colour scheme from there.

Maintain a Sense of Continuity

You might be working on decorating one room at a time, but do remember to consider adjacent rooms. While you can have different colours in each room, aim to choose colours that complement each other and create a sense of flow throughout your home.

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