Your home is personal to you and you will likely spend a large amount of time in it. This is why you should take some time to consider the layout of your home before you have it built. Whether you want a large condo or small apartment, the customisations you make will enhance your lifestyle.

Other things to think about are your future needs. While you can always repaint rooms and change furniture, if you suddenly need more space – building a new room can be costly. Let’s take a look at some major things you should consider when choosing a floor plan for your new home.

Present and Future Family Size

How many bedrooms and the floor space you need will depend on your family size now and in the future. If you plan to have more kids or will have family visit regularly, extra bedrooms and floor space could be a good idea. Assess your current living situation with the space you have. Is it enough? Does it feel cramped?

Do You Entertain Regularly?

Your house design will be hugely influenced by how much you entertain. You could opt for a wide open foyer and open plan living room/kitchen area to have parties in. Or if you are more private, you may want to separate rooms up and not have the whole home on display when the front door is open.

Multi-Level or One Floor?

The amount of floors you have could be affected by the location of your new home. If you have neighbours nearby, maybe you won’t want a second level which looks straight into a bedroom next door. If you have the space, you could opt for one floor but spread the floor out. Other things to consider are; a second floor will give you a view, but you may have to listen to footfall when you are downstairs.

What Are the Accessibility Needs of Your Family?

Do you have older members of your family that will live with you. If this is the case, one floor with zero flights of steep stairs is a good idea. Or if you have lots of children, this might mean multiple floors are a good idea, to give everyone their space.

How Much Outdoor Space Do You Need?

Having that all important outdoor space is a must in the hot, Australian climate. Some options are; a patio, a BBQ area, a swimming pool or hot tub and an outdoor dining area. Do you plan to start a garden or will you want space for vehicles? These factors can all be added into your customised house plan. If you haven’t got an outdoor leisure area in your current home, you might be craving that outdoor living.

Have a talk with your family and jot down all the essentials you need in your new home. Once AGS Commercial knows exactly what you want, they can design and construct your new home to your specifications.

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