Building a new home is likely to be the biggest investment you ever make. To get it right and not waste your hard earned cash, you should be asking the right questions before the first brick is laid.

These questions can be asked to your builder and to yourself. It’s important to be clear on what you want from your new property and the best way to achieve this. To get this information, ask these 5 questions before you build your new home.

1.Where is the Best Place to Build my House?

Location is everything! And once you build your house on a plot of land it can’t be moved. Have a think what is important to you. Do you need good schools nearby? Do you prefer to be near a city or out in the country? Who are the neighbours? What are noise levels like?

Also consider planning permission. Does the plot of land have it or will you have to apply? Will you buy a run down property and start again or build from scratch? There are literally hundreds of questions you could ask. But, it’s important to conduct a thorough analysis of your chosen build area, before you get started.

2.How Energy Efficient Should My New House Be?

Energy bills are going to keep on rising. And, as the planets population rises and fossil fuels deplete, energy efficiency is becoming ever more important. When building a new home, energy efficiency should be a top priority.

Consult with your building contractor on the best ways to make your new home energy efficient. Some ideas include using solar panels on the roof, insulating the loft, installing the right boiler and making use of water efficiency systems in the home.

3.What Are the Most Important Features of My New Home?

While everyone wants a new home that is comfortable, each person puts value on different features. Do you dream of having a garden to work on? Or do you need an office with the latest gadgets in?

Are home aesthetics really important? Do you want great views and space or is city living for you? The answers to these questions help guide you. Often, you’ll have to find a middle ground between everything you want.

4.Is it Easy/Possible to Get Planning Permission for My New Build?

This question may be the deciding factor whether you buy a plot of land in the first place. Check if it’s possible and easy to get planning permission to build a new home. Other questions to ask include — have previous attempts been made to get planning permission for the site? Was it approved and if not, why not?

5.How to Find the Right Building Contractor for the Job?

To build the new home of your dreams, you need the right team. The process may go on for a long time, so you need to get on. Speak to your proposed building contractor and ask to see qualifications and customer reviews. Take a look at properties they have built and see if they hold up to the same standard you’re looking for.

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