2023 is the year you’ll be seeing a mix of old and new home design trends. If you’re thinking of re-decorating your home, this article is going to give you some ideas of what’s in. However, it’s always important to consider what you like first.

Even if a home décor style is super trendy, it doesn’t mean you have to choose it yourself! But, if you need a few ideas, you can take inspiration and mix that together with what you have. Let’s take a look at five popular home design trends you can try out this year.

Sustainable Living

A top home design trend that is continuing in 2023 is a lean towards sustainability. While this has been popular for a while, this trend will carry on throughout this year, with home owners and designers seeking out new, cool, home décor pieces from sustainable sources.

Many savvy creators are stopping products going to the landfill and turning them into new treasures such as seats, cabinets, storage chests and more. And, the internet is full of videos on how to upcycle and repurpose old furniture items. Instead of buying a new chest of draws, why not give an old one a new lease of life?

Cool Neutrals Return

While beige, cream and brown were big in the 90’s, cool neutrals are making a comeback in 2023. Modern, grey tones, are becoming less popular and warmer tones are coming back in trend. If you’re thinking of painting your home and want a peaceful vibe with a sense of well-being, you can’t go wrong with a neutral colour palette.

And, according to designers, green is the accent colour of choice. Think about adding splashes of green in wall art, sofa cushions, curtains, lampshades, skirting boards and bed covers.

Vintage and Inherited Pieces

According to Pinterest, a ‘hipstoric home trend’ is popular in 2023, which basically means honouring inherited and vintage pieces throughout a property. This might mean a hand me down table or sofa, sat next to a vintage piece you found at your local flea market. Not only do vintage pieces add character to a room, they can be fixed up for a minimal cost.

Oversized Wall Lights and Lamps

Product designers are playing with perspective by creating lamps and items with exaggerated scale. These not only create interest and fun, but they add an eye-catching statement in a plain room. If you don’t have much space, wall lamps are an option in a dome, pendant or geometric shape. Size is not the only important thing, as cool patterns and tones make a difference.

Terracotta and Stone

Terracotta is making a comeback in 2023 with earthy, rustic tones, making a space feel warm and cosy. Reddish brown and burnt orange tiles are being seen in farmhouse style kitchens and are also being used for porches, to create a welcoming entranceway. Think about incorporating stone floors and terracotta style kitchen tiles, that feel natural and provide a practical element.

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